Gosnel McDermott

Personal Work


Spectrum: Part 1, 2018

Nka Agha "Artistic Warfare" 2018

Open Studio, December 2017

Cutting Ties ft. Olivia Walls, November 2017

RGB LED, October 2017

Natural: A Self Study, October 2017

Baltimore Charlottesville Protest, August 2017

Brookland DC Long Exposures, July 2017

Ocean City, June 2016

Culture Shock DC

During the summer of 2016, I was a photography intern for the Culture Shock DC Dance troupe. 

"Culture Shock® DC is a Hip Hop dance organization dedicated to innovative performance, artist development, and community enrichment, revealing the power and beauty of Hip Hop to diverse communities."

To view the photos I took during my time with this organization, please click here.

Winning Souls Evangelistic Church

Nyla Murray Dance Performance, August 2016